Strategic Planning does not have to be a burdensome process.

In fact, done right, it is energizing and results in your team being more committed to the business objectives and more aware of what they can do to help the business get there.

Even that dreaded "Vision" thing is a worthwhile exercise, helping you and the whole team gain a better understanding of:

  • Where the business is going
  • Why it is going there
  • What is important to remember when going there
Strategic Planning Process

Could you do all this without outside help?  Possibly.  But more often than not, the planning process and design of the action plans are better facilitated by someone who has not been as deeply involved in the business, who can step back and ask the "dumb" questions (you know, the ones everyone wants to ask but no-one will for fear of looking stupid), and come at the process with no personal history with the team,

What a virtual executive can do for you in this context:

Man pointing to right - used as a bullet marker

Business Strategy

Determine your priorities for growth and competitive advantage

Man pointing to right - used as a bullet marker

Prioritizing Activities

Develop a consensus on the priorities for the business