Marketing can feed Sales with qualified leads and relevant sales materials which create interest and properly represent the product and the values of the organization.

Sales can feed Marketing with current customer trends and competitive activities which enables better product and message development.

Of course, the real advantage is when Sales and Marketing are integrated, each one complementing and supporting the other.  With an extensive background in both Sales and Marketing, Ayuda can synchronize these efforts for best results in your business.

Marketing Cycle

Many times you will hear how the role of Marketing and Sales are dramatically different.  Although each does have its own methods, at the root of their existence is looking after customers and working within the customer buying framework, as represented above.  You will note that the words for each phase are the same as in the phases for the Sales funnel (on the Sales page).  We could get fancy and create new jargon, but why?  The customers are the same.  The phases are the same.  Let's call a spade a spade and focus on how each of Marketing and Sales can complement each other to bring in, satisfy and keep customers.

For now, let's focus on what a virtual Marketing executive can do for you in this context:

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Market Analysis

Uncover the highest value segments of the market that are most receptive to your proposition

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Message Development

Work out the real value proposition that will resonate with your customers

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Lead Generation

Create lead development and tracking systems to ensure sales are receiving and managing quality leads

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Sales Support

Develop the right tools to support sales through all stages of the marketing / selling cycle