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Social Change: Too Little, Too Much, Just Enough ?

  “The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.” … Abraham Lincoln Please note that this is a moderated discussion forum. Anyone who wants to post a constructive opinion is welcome to do so and their post will   …   Read More

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How to negotiate with a win/lose player

How do you negotiate with someone who has no desire to try for a win/win solution? I have observed some people who seem to judge whether or not they “win” by how badly – and visibly – they beat you.Anyone come to mind?Believe it or not, the genesis of this post was NOT the US election.   …   Read More

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Funding business growth with “free” money

How would you like to see more of your tax dollars used to help you and your company grow?Some of your tax dollars are used to fund government programs which give money to businesses (large and small) who do things that align with government priorities. In Canada, there are over 3,000 government programs with over   …   Read More

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Innovating for Results

There is a lot of talk about innovation.  Much of it revolves around how to anticipate customer needs (ideally before the customer or any of your competitors recognize the need) and generate ideas about products and services that will help customers meet those needs.There are books and articles about how to get employees, suppliers, customers   …   Read More

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What every executive needs to know about Cybersecurity

Virtually every business has had hackers attack their systems.  Many don’t know it.  Some don’t want to admit it publicly.  But with all the robots and other tools available to hackers, if you are connected to the internet – which virtually every business is – someone has gone after you.You will be / have been   …   Read More